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Dinar (Bahraini) Currency

Posted by Saleem Mukati

The Bahrain Dinar is regarded as the official currency of the country of Bahrain from the year of 1965.The world famous currency called ‘dinar' or ‘denar' is the currency unit of several countries of Middle East. The term ‘diner' is originated in the word ‘denarius' which is the name of a Roman currency. The currency code of ISO 4217 is Bahrain or Bahraini Dinar. 

The history of Bahraini Dinar can be traced back to the month of October, 1965. In this year Bahraini Dinar or BHD was issued to replace the Persian Gulf Rupee at the price of 1 Bahrain Dinar equivalent to 10 Persian Gulf Rupees. This currency of Dinar is usually symbolized by three decimal spaces referring the fils. 

The Bahraini dinar or BHD is divisible into 1,000 fils. Generally Coins of this currency issued are of 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 fils where as the Bank notes are with value of BD 20, 10, 5 and 500 fils. 

The exchange price of BD0.3770 is equivalent to $1 while BD0.6259 is equal to £1.The tourists are usually suggested to keep an amount of Bahrain Dinar when they arrive to Bahrain for convenience in taxi fares or any sort small buys. New Comers should head off exchanging money from any hotel, as the rates in Hotels in all probability are not profitable. 
In Bahrain Currency exchange facilities as well as banking services are available at most of the main airports and maximum of them are usually accessible through 24 hours of a day. Other than this various viable rates can be found from the central city financial organizations.


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WOW bahraini dinar is almost 200 PKR i wish i was earning in dinars rather than dollars.

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